mail365 for Microsoft® Exchange, Outlook and Office 365

mail365 helps you manage your email accounts, calendars, tasks and contacts in one convenient spot.

Amazing features for business users

As business users we need to focus on our incoming mail, schedule events, initiate tasks and intract with our company associates. mail365 provides you with all of that in a one responsive and elegantly designed application. Weather you connect to Outlook 365, Exchange Online or Exchange 2010, you will enjoy an integrated suite of email, calendar, tasks and contacts apps that work in tune to move you to the next level of productivity.

Mail under control

With its beautiful design, easy to use interface, and lighting fast speed, mail365 mail browser makes reading and managing emails easier than ever. Read and respond to your emails quickly using swipe gestures. Reply, forward, categorize and flag are the options among the others.

Advanced filtering and grouping

Create your own personalized email list by using advanced filtering and grouping. Assign your favorite mail senders and contacts to the VIP list, filter messages by VIP and unread messages, sort them by date and you are on the top of important emails.

Mail creation

The dedicated email creator in mail365 offers you the ability to attach files but it also enables you to write in rich text. Since the app is fully integrated with Outlook, you get features like mail importance, sensitivity, read and delivery receipts. All of these can be accessed via a very powerful, familiar interface.

Simple and effective calendar

Accessing your Outlook calendar is only a tap away. Create your events, invite people and set a reminder using the neatly crafted user interface. Navigate throughout events using monthly and weekly views, simple yet effective way to manage meetings and appointments. Use Outlook categories to classify your events, a simple method to organize your schedule.

A delightful task manager

Simplistic appearance is our philosophy to blend between ease of use and rich feature-set. Create, edit, categorize and set reminders for your tasks or just type your thoughts and ideas before you forgot and revise them later. The task manager gives you the freedom to group related tasks together and apply sorting. Set a task as completed with one tap.

Immediate notifications

Once you start using mail365 you will always be notified when you receive new messages or when something important happens. This way you will have the opportunity to know and understand what as well as when will happen. You get a better experience and the results are nothing short of impressive this way.

Contact access

With mail365 you get the ability to view as well as manage the company directory, gain access to your contacts and you can even get contact images thanks to automatic syncing with your iPhone.

Multiple Accounts

There’s no limit to how many accounts you can use and you are free to change between the Exchange and Office365 accounts you have right now. The app will process and show your mails in a single, unified interface which makes accessing and managing them a breeze.


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